General information: Magento's official guide operates in three modes:

  • Settings. The tool migrates the store and system configuration settings from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

  • Data. The tool migrates data from Magento 1 database to Magento 2 database.

  • Delta. The tool migrates incremental data such as new orders and catalog data that may have changed since the primary data migration.
    At the moment you'll have to configure this setup manually.

Follow steps after module has been downloaded

Once your generated Migration module has been downloaded into your app/code directory. You're ready to run the migration from your terminal. Always back up or dump your Magento 2 database before beginning the process.

  • Drag the generated Migration module folder into your project code folder app/code/GENERATED_MODULE_FOLDER
  • Run the typical magento migration command from your terminal.
    bin/magento migrate:settings -r -a app/code/VENDOR_FOLDER/Migration/etc/opensource-to-opensource/VERSION/config.xml
    bin/magento migrate:data -r -a app/code/VENDOR_FOLDER/Migration/etc/opensource-to-opensource/VERSION/config.xml