What are the pros and cons of Magento Data Migration Tool?

1. Pros

  • It's completely free. You don't have to pay for anything no matter the amount of data that you have to migrate.

  • Adobe Magento eCommerce provides a very detailed documentation and instructions. You can follow Magento’s detailed step-to-step guideline along your migration process.

  • The migration tool allows you to migrate the newly added data in your source cart to the target cart after the first migration by using Magento's delta command.

2. Cons

  • Downtime on your Source Store: After data update, you have to put your Magento 1 system in maintenance mode in order to cut over to the new site. Your store will go through a period of downtime.

  • No official support: Apart from the documentation, Magento does not provide any support personal. Users are responsible for the outcome of their migrations. It can get very difficult to find the right help. Most of the time you'll only find or receive unofficial answers from other users.

  • Requires a highly technical knowledge. The process can be extremely complicated which can lead to tons of errors which do not allow your migration to occur or result in missing data.

Checkout Magento's official Github Repo for more information or check out the Migration Guide for the detailed help with your data migration process.